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Real-time capture and AI-driven analytics for builders from preconstruction to operations

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Now tracking progress of your construction sites is easier than ever, feels like you are on Job Site

Progress Tracking

Preview and follow up the construction stages digitally

Digital Record

A comprehensive virtual digital archive for all the construction stages

Explanatory Points

Add data points in your preferred locations within the floor maps of your construction sites

Time Travel

Analyse in detail your construction stages by visiting previous instances of your construction development

Executives Participation

Engineers, Executives & clients participating in one virtual construction site

Tracking your construction progress with the WhiteHelmet App is as easy as 1-2-3!​

Capture it

The WhiteHelmet mobile app is all you need to get started with capturing your construction progress

Auto upload

Upload the captured data into the WhiteHelmet secure cloud to generate your progress reports


Collaborate and demonstrate transparency with your respective team members and stakeholders by granting them access to the applicable progress reports

WhiteHelmet Platform

Your central point of access to all your projects on one platform, with an intuitive user interface for account and project administration.

Strategic Decision-Making

By providing a comprehensive overview of key metrics and actions, dashboards enable executives and managers to make data-driven decisions, prioritize tasks, and allocate resources effectively.

Complete Immersion

WhiteHelmet 360° viewer aids you to view your job sites from anywhere at anytime, without stepping a foot on your construction sites. Move between the scenes and have a complete immersive experience.

Early Issue Detection

Continuous monitoring allows project teams to identify issues or bottlenecks early in the process, before they escalate into major problems The Split Screen View, enable you to compare, track, and allocate progress at various stages of construction and building.

Visualize your Project Plans

By linking 360-degree images to your project plans and utilizing the WhiteHelmet platform, you can create an immersive virtual tour experience. This allows owners and engineers to navigate to different spots within the project with a simple click.

See Through Walls

Now with WhiteHelmet you can time travel to different stages of your construction projects, just click on timeline and switch back and forth between old and new reports, and use our split screen feature to compare.

Observation Tool

A comprehensive observation tool that enhances efficiency, transparency, and quality control. By seamlessly integrating punch list management, snag tracking, general issue recording aligns with RFI and NCR documentation. the tool empowers project teams to proactively address challenges and deliver projects successfully within budget and schedule constraints.

Compare BIM Models with Progress

With WhiteHelmet and an existing Autodesk BIM 360 account, you can log in to access your BIM 360 Docs assets/files and import them to be used inside your WhiteHelmet projects. Floor plans, pictures, and .dae/.obj files, which have been stored and managed in BIM 360 Docs.

Trusted by organizations from every size!

We are privileged to be working with some of the most prominent companies in the Middle East.

The fastest and easiest way to inspect and track progress of constructions sites

Capture, Upload and collaborate. As simple as that

“Don’t Take Our Word For It. Take Theirs."

As-Built Documentation

As-built records document the final state of a structure/system and are important for future work, compliance and facility management.

Progress Documentation​

Always have a complete and historical record of your project and site process.

Quality Control

Provide inspectors with digital documentation at key milestones to expedite approvals and streamline inspections.

Stakeholders Feedback

Give stakeholders online access to view the project in real-time.

Cyber Security in the Kingdom

We proudly utilize STC Cloud and Oracle to keep all our data inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which provides many features.

  • Fulfilled cyber security regulations in KSA

  • Speed, quality, and accessibility

  • Secure and direct access through the Nationwide Virtual Business Network (IP-VPN)

  • All data is safely stored and located at STC and Oracle’s Data Centers in KSA.

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Build with Confidence

Real-time capture and AI-driven analytics for builders from preconstruction to operations

We are trusted by organizations from every size!

We are privileged to be working with some of the most prominent companies in the Middle East.

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