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WhiteHelmet made waves at Cityscape Global Riyadh, the world’s premier real estate event, held recently. Visitors flocked to Hall 1 Booth 38 to witness firsthand the groundbreaking work being done to digitize the construction sector and support Saudi Vision 2030.

At Cityscape Global Riyadh, WhiteHelmet stood out as a leader in driving digital transformation in construction. Their goal is simple: to make construction projects more efficient and aligned with modern standards. By leveraging technology

like project management software and Building Information Modeling (BIM), WhiteHelmet aims to streamline processes and elevate industry standards.

Their presence at Cityscape Global Riyadh highlights their commitment to Saudi Vision 2030, the country’s ambitious plan for economic diversification and sustainable development. WhiteHelmet’s innovative solutions support this vision by equipping construction stakeholders with the tools they need to thrive in a rapidly changing environment.

In summary, WhiteHelmet’s participation at Cityscape Global Riyadh exemplifies their dedication to shaping the future of construction through digital innovation. Visitors are encouraged to explore their booth and learn how WhiteHelmet is driving progress within the industry.

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