360 LVV


The WhiteHelmet 360 Live Virtual Visit enables remote participants to experience a real place and interact in real-time

360 Live Streaming Conferences

Enable remote collaborators to share the context of a real-world sites

Live Communication with Participant

Communicate with streamer and other participants during the stream

Join Streams via Webapp or VR Headset

Participants can customize their viewing experience by joining via web browser or optional VR headset


During a live video stream, attendees can store 360 or 2D snapshots for later review

Collaborate with WhiteHelmet 360° Live Virtual Visit

360° Live Virtual Visit offers a comprehensive and immersive view of a space, surpassing traditional video conferencing.
Remote participants in WhiteHelmet 360 meetings can freely explore a panoramic view, for an enhanced understanding of the site.

How WhiteHelmet 360° Live Virtual Visit will elevate your work?

Live Communication with Participant

Communicate with streamer and other participant during the stream.

Control Your Own View

Each remote participant can look around freely in the 360° environment, and maintains control of their own view.

Visibility On Demand

Host meetings on site virtually, and collaborate instantly. Eliminate unnecessary downtime and get back the hours spent traveling to and from your sites.

Quick and Easy Recording

Easily record your virtual tours and upload directly to the WhiteHelmet platform for easy sharing and viewing.

A Complete 360° View​

Conduct remote inspections and audits of your sites and facilities with a complete 360° panoramic view.

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Make a significant impact on organization’s annual carbon reduction targets with virtual on-site meetings.

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