We are very proud of this Investment, it will allow us to improve our Artificial Intelligence engine […]
We were honored by the visit of Abdulrahman AlJiffry and Arwa Shafi from #TAQADAM KAUST (King Abdullah […]
Today, #WhiteHelmet project management team visited ترميم | Tarmeem to begin working on the agreement to use […]
We were pleased to sign an MOU with Saudi Aramco at #gecriyadh in the areas of digital […]
We are proud to have TAMEAR as one of our clients and to become partners in the […]
We are Proud and Honored to win the ‎‏ 🏆 Innovation Award of The Year 2021 🏆 […]
We are proud that Mr. Jason Roos The Chief Information Officer At KAUST (King Abdullah University of […]
We highlight one of the biggest challenges in construction projects and that is the problem of rework. […]
The #whitehelmet project management platform is introduced #Restoration of a set of smart solutions To supervise the […]