Being a super admin

Being a super admin in an organization comes with significant responsibility and authority.


Here’s what it’s like to be a super admin:

  1. Full Authority: Super admins are granted the highest level of authority over a platform or system within an organization. They have the power to make crucial decisions and manage various aspects of the platform.

  1. User Management: Super admins have the ability to create new user accounts, edit existing user profiles, and view detailed information about users. This includes assigning roles to members and appointing project managers, which is pivotal for the organization’s structure and operations.

  1. Data Management: Super admins can recover deleted data such as points, floors, reports, files, and tickets. This capability ensures that no critical information is lost and that historical data can be restored if needed.

  1. System Configuration: Super admins have the authority to configure various system settings. This includes the ability to activate or deactivate important features like pledge messages for photo security, watermarking panoramas, and relocating points. These features impact security, data protection, and functionality.

  1. Language Preferences: Super admins can choose the language of email notifications, allowing for customization based on the preferences of the organization’s members. This can be especially important for organizations with multilingual teams.

In summary, being a super admin is both empowering and demanding. It involves overseeing the platform, managing user accounts, maintaining data integrity, and configuring the system to meet the organization’s specific needs. Super admins play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of the platform and the security of data and communications.


  • Multi Super Admins can be inside one organization.
  • Super Admins has full authority on projects; regarding adding, deleting or editing.


The Super Admin user can be given to the IT department along with top management.

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