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Progress Tracking:
Helps to track construction progress by generating a digital twin of the construction site, in order to develop the project management and facilitate its operations to increase its efficiency.
It contributes to reducing stress in construction site visits and maintaining the right stages of the workflow.
How does it work?
By taking several reports, you can benefit from the 360-Viewer:
  • Have project insights and walk the site virtually through the “Report List.”
  • Compare two reports with different dates by using the “Split Screen.”
  • Travel through time using the “Time Slider.
  • Overview of your report with the “Auto-Tour”
Improve communication by bringing the construction team in one place for smart building management, in order to identify the challenges in the early stages and take the necessary steps and procedures to enhance effective communication between the work team in the office and the site.
How does it work?
By adding tickets and notes to your 360 reports, We call it the Ticketing System;
  • Delegate tasks by adding tickets with due dates and assigning them to a member or a department.
  • Add notes to highlight information with the ability to attach files to it.
  • Communicate by replying to tickets and notes with the ability to attach any documents needed.
In addition to the snagging list on the project plan, to facilitate the project delivery process.
  • Adding tickets by taking pictures using the mobile phone, and uploading them to the project plan directly without the need of using any paper.
  • Reducing time and effort and archiving all notes digitally to have an easy reference at any time.
Enable all the parties involved in construction projects to visit the site virtually from anywhere at any time.
How does it work?
By replacing all paperwork with a digital archive of all project documents;
  • Documenting all project stages and having a digital archive to reference it as a digital twin.
  • Upload all your project documents through “File Management” on the project Dashboard or through “Open Files” on the 360-viewer.
  • Organize all your documents by folders or by reports.

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