Best Practices for Documentation.

Best practices (Digital Documentation Team)

The digital documentation process is simple and fast, so we suggest assigning one supervisor for digital documentation and regular verification tasks, and check whether all areas are covered as planned. It can also divide the site into smaller sites and assign a number of employees for digital documentation to cover the project site as separated and independent areas.


Best practices (Digital Documentation Plan)

Some sectors in the construction site have their own significance which team members know well, but often do not have the time to pursue them; so they can simply pre-plan and select ideal pick-up locations on the engineering plans inserted in the WhiteHelmet app.

Thus, the digital binder identifies the important areas to be covered in this effective way, making sure not to lose sight of any area, and covering the entire site in less time.


Best practices (Documentation areas)

Digital reports represent a detailed and accurate digital record and archive of all construction phases when they are regularly filed, and it is recommended to create a digital report every week or two at least, and that the picking sites be fixed in their place according to the engineering scheme in the WhiteHelmet application. This will make the comparison of dual view digital reports very accurate, and it is important to continue documenting from the same places in the project for each report. Also, when taking 360-degree photos, keep in mind that with just one click on your mobile device, the entire perimeter will be documented, meaning the bottom, top, left, right, front and back area around the camera, and thus you must make sure that the camera is placed in an ideal position in the middle of the room to prevent problems with hidden corners and blind spots.

We recommend not capture panorama from 11 am to 2 pm directly under sunlight to maintain the camera.

We recommend taking extra caution of the lenses of the camera by inserting the camera into the cover by putting the lenses first.

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