Set up your account with WhiteHelmet

How to set up your account at WhiteHelmet

To set up your account you need follow up these steps:

  • User Management set up
  • Create your first project
  • Create your first report


User Management:

  1. WhiteHelmet will activate the super admin account and add your requested user’s balance:
  2. Super Admin will sign up and go to the admin settings page then user management
  3. Super Admin will add their users through Add User

Note: If the balance is 0, users cannot be added.
    *Contact us to add user balance.

  1. Super Admin will set up users’ roles in the organization.


Create First Project

  1. Super Admins or Admins can create projects.
  2. They need to go Projects Page.
  3. Then click on create project
  4. Fill in project details, assign project manager, upload site maps, and add points.


To Add Floors:

  1. Go to project Dashboard.
  2. Then go to Floor Management.
  3. And click on Add Floor.


Create First Report

  1. Document Controllers should install WhiteHelmet App.
  2. Sign in.
  3. Then upload project from cloud storage through the ( + ) button.
  4. Click on create report and choose floor.
  5. Connect Camera with WhiteHelmet App.
  6. Start Capturing when clicking on the red points.
  7. When the point is green, you can preview the 360 image to retake or delete before publishing.

To download the set-up steps and learn more about it Click Here.

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